TressByPearl specializes in custom wigs units, eyelashes and silk bonnets. My passion for making hair started when I was very young. I believe that all women should be able to switch up their looks and look presentable always.TressByPearl offers you a great variety of hair textures.

The name "Tress" means hair in French translated "Hair" in English. This is where the name "TressByPearl" originated from. TressByPearl was nominated for Hair Business of the Year in 2020, it is amazing that our hard work is being recognised by many of our customers and supporters. We take pride in our customer service and ensure that customers are happy.

TressByPearl offers you a great variety of hair textures. We also provide a service where you can provide your own bundles and we will make your wig as well as wig re-vamps.